David was raised in rural Wisconsin, the son of a robotics engineer and a hair stylist. His formative years were filled with such epicurean wonders as Blatz beer, fish fries, and hotdogs eaten straight from the freezer. 

After studying fine art photography in Milwaukee, he moved to New York City, worked as a set builder for some pretty interesting clients and traveled the world with fashion photographers. When he was offered a job cooking, propping and then shooting grilled fruit for SHAPE magazine, he found his calling.   

David photographed the bestselling book Martha Stewart's Appetizers, crammed into Amanda Freitag's tiny NYC kitchen to shoot her first cookbook, The Chef Next Door, and dutifully sampled every drink while shooting Food & Wine: Cocktails. He traveled the coastline of North America photographing oyster farmers for The Essential Oyster, teamed with Nick Korbee to shoot Egg Shop: The Cookbook and has has shot an Idaho Potato or two. His most recent dream job was shooting a 44 page special project for The New York Times: Cooking with Sam Sifton.

He’s worked for Food Network Magazine, Whole Foods, Food & Wine and many other publications with the word food in the title. His clients include: Bank of America, Bloomsbury, Blue Apron, Cooking ChannelDean & DeLuca, Eating Well, Grey Goose, HarperCollins, Hudson Yards, Idaho Potato Commission, Martha Stewart, The New York TimesOutside Magazine, Popular MechanicsThe Standard Hotel, Squarespace, Stop & Shop, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, Weight Watchers, Winn-Dixie and Ziploc, among others. 



David Malosh

+1  718 757 9321



Mailing address:

442-D Lorimer Street #145

Brooklyn, New York 11206




David, beer in hand, with Grandma Bernie and his brother Mike.

David, beer in hand, with Grandma Bernie and his brother Mike.